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Welcome to the registration page for the Potatoes New Zealand Conference 2022.

Before you register, please read all the information on this page and pay particular attention to the Data Collection and Privacy Policies as well as the Registration Terms & Conditions as they relate to your registration. Please note that you will be asked to make choices as part of your registration process.

You can register up to 5 people at once as long as they are all from the same organisation.

Student registration includes the dinner & field trip. You must submit your student ID number at the time of registration.

Data Collection, Privacy, Terms & Conditions

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Conference Data Collection Policy

Registration Terms & Conditions

Registration Fees

Registration Fees (Inclusive of GST)

Early registration applies until 22 July 2022.

Registration Types

Registration Fee 


Full Registration Early (2 Days - Includes Dinner & Field Trip) 



Full Registration Late (2 Days - Includes Dinner & Field Trip)



Day Registration Tuesday (Includes Dinner) 



Day Registration Wednesday (Includes Field Trip) 


Student Registration (2 Days - Includes Dinner & Field Trip)



Payment Options

When you reach the end of the registration process, you will have the option to choose from the 2 payment mmethods as below:

  • Request an tax invoice and pay via bank transfer
  • Pay via a credit card (visa or mastercard)

Once you have chosen a payment method, please continue to submit your registration by clicking the "Next" button and complete the process.

How to Register

To Register for the Potatoes New Zealand Conference, please click the button below.

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